What is Legal Software and How Can LEAP Benefit Your Practice?

LEAP is designed and proven to be faithful to our promise that firms using LEAP make more money. From productivity-boosting features to time-saving tools, LEAP helps you run an efficient, profitable practice.

Everything You Need

At LEAP, we are laser-focused on providing the world’s finest business improvement solutions, including case management, automated forms, accounting and mobile apps which are designed to make small law firms more profitable.


The great thing about LEAP is that it’s available on whatever device you are using – laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or iPad. So, everyone at a small law firm can access the same information, wherever they may be working. Imagine having every document on a matter instantly accessible on your cell, or even making a call on your cell and having the time automatically captured.

Work Anywhere

Automated Forms

One feature that sets us apart is the automated forms. Instead of copying and pasting from old forms you have used and typing in your client and matter details, with LEAP we have a library of all the commonly used forms across all the common areas of law. All you do is enter your matter information into LEAP once and then when you open a form from the library, all the relevant information is merged across. It saves hours of time every month.


We know that running a small law firm can be stressful, you wear many different hats and juggle the needs of clients and staff without a lot of support. We like to say at LEAP that we help the attorneys who help the people, and our guarantee is that firms using LEAP will make more money. Not only that, but we will also make practicing easier and more enjoyable.

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