Benefits of a Virtual Law Firm

There are many law firms that are beginning to use technology to re-envision their practice.  By implementing smart technology into their practices, these firms are on their way to transitioning into a virtual office that will enhance their value and efficiency.

With a virtual office, there is no need for a physical office space. Firms are no longer coerced into allocating the cost and time for a brick-and-mortar law office. With Cloud technology, attorneys can uproot their practice from the confines of a place and transform it into an activity that can happen anywhere, anytime.

A paperless office allows for maximum flexibility. Attorneys can upload, edit, and share any of their case documents from their electronic matter, whether on the train, in a café, or at home.  The ability to access, make changes, and send files electronically gives attorneys the freedom to take their practice with them on-the-go.

When a law firm utilizes a cloud-based system it rids itself of technology that comes with the baggage of extensive server space and an IT staff. There is no risk of a server crashing and draining a law firm’s bank account. For the paperless office, all costs associated with maintaining an IT staff and a server are eliminated.

With a virtual law firm, full-time, in-house employees are no longer a requirement. In an increasingly interconnected world, made so in part by advances in technology, having an around-the-clock staff is incongruous with the work culture. A mobile firm that is accessible from nearly anywhere in the world lends itself to a global workforce. Legal outsourcing that equips a firm with high quality support staff at minimal cost is giving firms the opportunity to increase productivity and profits, while cutting costs.

The idea of employees working at a fixed physical place and time has become nearly obsolete. More companies recognize the potential of advanced technology, which allows for highly productive work to occur at any location and time. The traditional paradigm of having staff travel to a central office location is gone. Cloud-based tools encourage law firms to build their practice around flexibility and mobility.

Using state of the art technology, law firms that convert to a virtual office will significantly reduce costs by moving away from a costly brick-and-mortar, a full-time in-house staff, and a bulky server with tons of upkeep.

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