The Value of All-In-One Law Practice Management Software

Technology has made attorneys’ lives easier in many ways. Rather than storing all their matter and client information in physical folders, lawyers can now organize their documents digitally on the cloud. Form automation has eliminated the need for copying and pasting information into forms. Despite these technological improvements, attorneys working with disconnected systems may be struggling with disorganization and inefficiency more than ever before. Working with multiple disconnected systems is one of the most common reasons for lost efficiency in a law firm. Moving to all-in-one law practice management software like LEAP can enable firms to have access to all their documents and information in one place, practice law from anywhere, track time more efficiently, and take advantage of reporting.

All Documents and Data in One Place

Some practice management software will keep track of clients and matters, but won’t offer document storage where files can be associated with the correct matter. Other software systems will store documents but won’t integrate with the attorney’s email, word processing, or accounting software. When all these systems communicate and integrate with each other, attorneys will be able to stay organized and get more work done so they can make more money. Frantically searching for a file as you walk out the door on your way to court or a deposition should be a thing of the past. With all-in-one law practice management software, attorneys can search for the document name in the correct matter or even access it from their cell phone, tablet, or laptop from wherever they need it.

Practice from Anywhere, Anytime

When a law firm’s data is all in one place and available on the cloud, the attorneys in the firm can practice law from anywhere and anytime. Being able to access matters and the clients and documents associated with them, while in court, commuting, at lunch, or at home, is a gamechanger for lawyers. In addition to having the freedom to practice anywhere and anytime, cloud software can also save an attorney if they forget an important document back at the office. Rather than rushing back to their desk to find a form or letter, they can pull it up on their phone using their practice management system’s mobile app.

Time Recording

One of the best features of all-in-one law practice management software is time recording. Every time the attorney answers an email or calls a client from their cell phone, they can capture the time spent and add it to the client’s bill. Many attorneys already take calls on-the-go or answer emails from their phone, but making sure they get paid for this time is invaluable. When using one central system, all of a law firm’s correspondence is able to be tracked by the system’s time recording. Drafting an email to a client from an iPhone suddenly gains you billable minutes. Creating a form or document from home on a laptop can now automatically become a billable event. Attorneys are amazed at the extra time they are able to bill and the extra money they are able to make when they make the switch.

Integrated Law Firm Reporting

When working with multiple disconnected systems, it can be difficult to determine the success of each of the employees at the firm. Partners and managing partners may be able to generate a report from each of the systems the firm uses, but it can be difficult to put each of these together to get an overall picture. When a firm implements an integrated system that bundles client and matter management, time recording, billing, document, and email management all in one program, partners and managing partners can get a complete view of their associates’ performance. Analyzing comprehensive law firm reports can help decision-makers understand exactly what is working for the business and what is not. The hardest part of making changes to a firm is determining what the problem is in the first place. With complete reporting from an integrated practice management system, it’s easy to see a complete picture of how the firm is working and make adjustments when necessary.

There are many steps attorneys and partners can take to improve the efficiency of their law firms. The most important step is to migrate from multiple disconnected systems to one complete version of the truth with all-in-one law practice management software. In addition to the obvious organization benefits of keeping all the firm’s correspondence and documents in one place, an integrated system enables practicing on-the-go, allows attorneys to track time more accurately and efficiently, and provides comprehensive reporting that helps partners see the complete picture. Each of these items will increase the efficiency of the firm and in turn, allow the attorneys of the firm to make more money.

LEAP is the best-in-class cloud solution providing everything you need to run a law firm. In addition to storing all your files in one central location and simplifying timekeeping and billing, LEAP automatically populates the forms you use regularly with client and case information. Discover how easy it is to make the switch to LEAP and start making more money today.

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