TurboLaw Users Get More Legal Forms

LEAP Practice Management Software saves you time and makes you more money by automatically populating the forms you use regularly with client and case information. With LEAP, you’re able to automate and simplify complex error-prone documents that distract you from practicing law.

Automate your Forms and Documents

When attorneys are not spending hours typing the same client and case information into forms, they can do more billable work and make more money. Enter your client and case information into your LEAP matter once, and this information will be automatically populated into forms and documents you create in the future. LEAP employs a dedicated Design and Automation team that creates and updates legal forms to ensure you always have what you need available. Our team has over 25 years of expertise and experience creating legal forms for attorneys.

LEAP also has legal rates and calculators to save hours searching court and government department records. You can get the most up-to-date court filing fees or calculate child support, mortgage, or loan repayments for many different states directly within LEAP.

Get More Forms with LEAP

While TurboLaw users are used to automating their forms directly in their practice management systems, the experience that LEAP provides is best-in-class. LEAP has every form available in TurboLaw and thousands more for every common area of law and for many different states. LEAP has over 10,000 forms available for automation to make it easier for attorneys to practice law. We offer our library of automated forms at no additional cost.

Do More with LEAP

LEAP is much more than automated forms. It’s a completely integrated practice management system that provides everything you need to run your law firm and make more money. When you make the switch to LEAP, you get every feature for one price, including the upgrade to a cloud-based system. LEAP is powered by Amazon Web Services, so when you transition your data to our cloud servers, you’re getting best-in-class reliability and data security. View our previous blogs to learn more about the LEAP Mobile App and the companion and value add-on products available for LEAP.

TurboLaw users already know the value of form automation, but you get so much more when you make the switch to LEAP. You will get access to a much larger library of legal forms, mobile app, cloud data storage powered by AWS, and much more. Make the switch to LEAP today.

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