TurboLaw Users Get Cloud-Based Software

When TurboLaw users make the switch to LEAP, they gain access to the best-in-class cloud-based software in addition to the forms they know and love automated in LEAP. With cloud software, attorneys and support staff can access all their client and case information from anywhere, anytime. They also gain the reliability and data security that comes with a cloud system powered by Amazon Web Services. When attorneys don’t have to worry about hackers, network connectivity issues, or being tied to their physical office, they can get more done in less time, thereby making more money.

Practice Law from Anywhere, Anytime

The main advantage of switching from a desktop practice management system like TurboLaw to a cloud-based system like LEAP is that you are free to work wherever you want, at any time. Whether you’re in court, at home, in a meeting, commuting, or even at a coffee shop, you can access all your case and client information on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Not only can you access the information, but you can manage your entire practice and business from any device. Time that is usually wasted out of the office, can now be used to capture more billable hours and make more money for your practice. When you’re able to practice from anywhere, you have more freedom to work from home, leave the office early for the weekend, or meet with clients.

Within the LEAP Mobile App, you can see and edit the details, correspondence, calendar and tasks, financial summary, time and fees summary, cost recoveries, office accounting, and trust accounting tabs within each matter you have. If you’re meeting with a client or opposing counsel or in court, you can instantly pull up files or correspondence on your phone, saving time that would typically be spent on making copies or print documents.

Cloud Reliability with Amazon Web Services

When you have a physical server in the office, you can lose client and case information if there is a power outage or your server goes down. LEAP is powered by Amazon Web Services, the most trusted cloud computing provider in the world. LEAP offers 99.99% uptime on all your devices, at no extra charge. Data centers all over the world ensure that you’ll never be without your files at a critical time.

Data Security on the Cloud

Another feature of LEAP that you won’t be able to get with a desktop practice management solution is the security of being powered by AWS. AWS has achieved certification and compliance in industry standards, which recognize best practices in Information Security. Their cloud platform is trusted by top companies around the world, by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to governments to keep data secure. For more details on how AWS powers LEAP, you can view LEAP’s Information Security Policy.

With LEAP, lawyers and their support staff can access and edit it from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. When a law firm’s data is on the cloud, attorneys get access to best-in-class data security and reliability that only a system powered by AWS can offer. Learn more about making the switch from TurboLaw to LEAP and how you can save time and make more money by moving to the cloud.

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