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LEAP has entered into a joint venture with LexisNexis to offer users of PCLaw® and Time Matters® the opportunity to upgrade to a cloud-based practice management system. Along with upgrading to the cloud, users will also get unlimited access to LEAP’s best-in-class support when they make the switch. The Support team at LEAP is dedicated to making sure PCLaw® and Time Matters® users have a successful transition and continue to get the most out of LEAP for years to come. LEAP’s Consultants, Data Transition, and Client Success teams make sure attorneys who switch are set up and trained in a timely manner. The Client Success and HelpDesk teams, along with LEAP Community, make sure you continue to have success with LEAP and have any problems resolved.

Consultants Provide Installation and Training

Our skilled consultants have installed LEAP at over 12,000 law firms and trained over 51,000 attorneys, support staff, and bookkeepers. They are committed to guiding firms through the technical process of data migration, quickly and accurately.  LEAP installation includes setting up letterheads, templates, and staff details to meet the needs of the firm.

Once the firm is installed, attorneys and support staff will receive initial training, while bookkeepers will receive accounting training. Throughout the training process, your LEAP Consultant will be in touch to answer any questions you may have or address any concerns.

Transitioning Data

The LEAP transitions team has successfully electronically converted more than 4,000 law firms from desktop software to the cloud. We can help firms through the transition with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations. When lawyers who switch begin to use LEAP, all their data from PCLaw or Time Matters is available to them.

Client Success

Once LEAP has been installed and the firm’s staff has received training, the practice will be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager. The Client Success Manager meets regularly with the firm to discuss their usage and how they can optimize the business using LEAP. It’s a process designed to make sure the user’s LEAP experience continues to be smooth and profitable. They also offer free monthly online training sessions so firms can get the most out of their LEAP investment.


LEAP Community is a free resource available 24/7 to LEAP users. It provides free training materials, webinars, question forums, product and feature announcements and access to the LEAP HelpDesk. LEAP Community is a great way for attorneys to get answers to their questions and any issues they may encounter outside of normal business hours.


The LEAP HelpDesk is the team of dedicated technicians available to provide LEAP users prompt assistance through LiveChat, LEAP Community, or email. LiveChat sessions provide immediate assistance and log the chat session as a support case if additional assistance is necessary. When a support case is started, a HelpDesk Consultant will contact the user via phone to assist further. The HelpDesk is available to LEAP users at no extra charge and has an average response time of .15 seconds. HelpDesk Consultants have a wealth of experience helping former PCLaw® and Time Matters® users get the most out of LEAP and solve any issues they may encounter.

When firms make the switch from PCLaw® and Time Matters® to LEAP, they not only get the best-in-class cloud-based legal software available on the market. They get unlimited access to the dedicated support team at LEAP including installation and training consultants, data transition experts, client success managers, and HelpDesk Consultants. They also get 24/7 access to LEAP Community which can provide answers to questions and additional training sessions and webinars. Learn more about making the switch to LEAP and schedule a free demonstration today.

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