Stop Using Multiple Legal Systems and Use One Version of the Truth

Jennifer D. Armstrong is at the head of Jennifer D. Armstrong, LLC, a full-service family law firm devoted to helping people during their divorce. After recently switching to LEAP, Armstrong has benefited from a seamlessly integrated product that allows her to run her practice more efficiently. She no longer must use several different systems to complete a case. Instead, Armstrong uses LEAP to run various aspects of her practice from document management to billing and accounting.

“I am glad that I recently switched to LEAP. My practice area is litigation, and using LEAP allows me to bypass several steps (that I would have to take using other software systems) when I’m creating, editing and saving documents,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer comments, “So, long as I have my iPhone or tablet handy, all of my files can be readily accessed via LEAP’s Legal Mobile App. The billing and accounting aspects of LEAP’s, case management software are very user-friendly and real-time savers as well.”

One aspect of LEAP that Armstrong has found advantageous to her practice is being able to create, save, and locate her documents at the click of a button. Through LEAP, Armstrong has an up-to-date collection of legal forms with automation functionality. This inclusive collection spans across all areas of law and states. Attorneys in New York and New Jersey will discover they have access to many of that they commonly use, whether they practice real estate, litigation, family law, commercial law, and more.

LEAP’s legal document management prevents the firm of Jennifer D. Armstrong from having to sort through manila folders for hours. Instead, Armstrong can save all her files electronically and store the files by their corresponding matters. With LEAP’s legal document management system, Armstrong can audit her trail of edits and drafts. This means all changes made to any file are time stamped. All alterations made to her previous documents and versions will be saved.

Armstrong finds the accessibility of LEAP, particularly valuable to her practice. With the LEAP Legal Mobile App, all her files can be readily accessed anywhere, anytime, if she has her iPhone or tablet with her. The legal mobile app within LEAP allows her to avoid making a trip back to the office to add a file to her matter. Outside of her office, she just snaps, scans, and saves on her legal mobile app and saves the files to the corresponding matter. With all her files saved electronically and accessible via the legal mobile app, Armstrong has created newfound office space and saved time.


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