Why More Staff Members in Your Firm Should Use LEAP

Organizing your law firm is simple when all staff members use the same software. Giving a member of your practice access to LEAP ensures you are using one system that provides one database of information for all your client and matter information.

At LEAP, we call this having “one version of the truth.” All members will be able to locate information quickly and accurately wherever they are, without having to consult various databases. With more LEAP users, your practice will improve its internal network and enjoy greater collaboration.

After interviewing law firms using LEAP, we have heard similar success stories. We have received feedback that LEAP has facilitated stronger alliances among staff members at their firm. The law firm of Robert W. McAndrew, Counsellor at Law is just one example of how LEAP has served as a tool to create a tight-knit team at his law firm.  Jennifer McAndrew Vuotto, Esq., an attorney at Bob’s law firm, shares her discovery of the benefits of LEAP.

Jennifer comments,

“The ability to share documents in LEAP with your colleagues is very important. Before Bob and I were using LEAP, we were not working with a network. We did not have a shared database. So, I would work on my files on my computer, and he would work on his files from his computer. We would have to meet in person to discuss, which case file we were each working on. For example, I would ask him, ‘Do you have interrogatories for this case?’ He would then have to search through his computer for that particular Word document and send it to me.

This took up too much time for me as a working mother. If Bob was out of the office, I would have to go looking through his computer for a specific case file. When we would work on the same document a significant amount of time was spent searching and waiting for the other person to locate and send the file. LEAP has eliminated this and has given us the ability to say ‘Here’s the file I am working on. I will share it with you, and you can view it immediately.’ With LEAP, if Bob is working on a document and shares it with me, I can see up to the minute adjustments he makes. For a small firm such as ours, this is priceless because we instantly can share all our files with one another, which we never had before. This is a huge benefit. It is the equivalent of having a network, without the expense. If we decide to hire a paralegal or a law clerk remotely for the summer, we can do so because of the ability to share files through LEAP.”

Learn how you can tap into a more efficient practice with LEAP today by visiting www.leap.us.




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