How to Ensure Safe Electronic Communication For Your Practice

In the most recent ruling on the ethics of email, the American Bar Association recommends that attorneys should undergo a “fact-based analysis” to ensure that security measures are met.

LawConnect allows attorneys to eschew this time-consuming analysis of evaluating security factors. With LawConnect, you can have peace of mind that all your client information is safe and secure, without any additional evaluation needed.

LawConnect is a new add on to LEAP that helps you solve many of these problems. LawConnect is a secure and safe cloud document management system that enables you to share and collaborate on documents with your clients primarily but also with any other party to a matter.

Documents are beautifully presented in a logically-organized structure so that they can be easily identified without having to open them. Your clients will love using it.

LawConnect works seamlessly from the Electronic Matter in LEAP. You share and revoke access to a document from the familiar document list. You can instantly see if a document has been shared and also if it has been viewed.

Instead of emailing a copy of the attachment, you email a link sharing access to the document. Your client then logs into LawConnect to view the document.

As a bonus, your client can also upload documents into Law Connect. Imagine how convenient it will be to always have important documents such as your client’s identification details. In fact, your client might even choose to store copies of documents such as insurance policies, wills, and other important documents for safekeeping and easy access.

All of this is achieved providing world-class security measures. No longer do you need to go through a frustrating encryption process when communicating by email.


Organization: You instantly know which documents have been shared with a client and your client can view all shared documents in one place.

Version Certainty: Because you and your client will look at the same document (not a copy) you have complete certainty that you are both looking at the correct version. So much time is wasted confirming this with clients. This certainty will enhance the client experience and make the practice of law more enjoyable.

Proof: The common problem of clients denying having received a document (and all the time wasted) is eliminated. You know that the document is available and you can see when the document has been viewed.

Revocation: It is almost impossible to recall an email. With LawConnect you can instantly revoke access to any document.

Less risk: The greatest risk to client confidentiality is sending an email to the wrong person. LawConnect naturally reduces the chances of this happening, and if a mistake is made, rapid revocation is possible.

Reduce unbillable phone calls: There are millions of unbillable phone calls every year that relate to supposedly ‘lost’ or not received documents that the legal profession has to deal with.

Inefficiency is costly:

When important documents shared via LawConnect, these costly calls are reduced if not eliminated.

Sharing Documents:

While you can share any document, you will probably choose to share the important ones. For example, imagine if you shared your retainer and engagement instructions in every matter. The possibility of disputes arising would be entirely eliminated. This would be good for you and good for the profession at large as the many disputes about clarity on terms of engagement would be incontrovertibly eliminated.

Security: Email hacking is becoming more common, causing grave concern in sensitive matters. You eliminate this risk with LawConnect. Shared documents are not emailed. They are stored safely in LEAP on services provided by Amazon Web Services, one of the safest and most secure providers of computer servers in the world. They are also located on servers within your jurisdiction.


Peace of mind:

All clients are concerned about the privacy of their affairs with their lawyers. LawConnect gives them peace of mind because they know where their documents are, that they have not been emailed, and that they are safe and secure.


Very few private clients (and a lot of small businesses) have document management systems. So, while they might receive emails and attachments, they don’t have anywhere to keep them except in their inboxes. LawConnect is a document management system for your clients. They have very document you have ever shared with them, for every matter, organized logically in their LawConnect instance.

Easy access:

While it is possible and easy for a client to create special LawConnect login credentials, your clients can also login using their Social Media credentials for Facebook and LinkedIn. The great advantage of this is that they don’t need to remember yet another password!

Ability to store important documents: Most people no longer have safe places to keep printed documents and worry about losing them. Because they can upload their own documents for safe keeping in LawConnect, those worries are reduced.


LawConnect enables you to build deep relationships with your clients. They will enjoy a much better experience when working with you on their matters and will trust you as a safe custodian of their documents in the long term. Your office will operate more efficiently giving you and your staff more billable time. You will impress your clients by giving them a great system to organize their documents and their affairs. Our software engineers are constantly working on LawConnect and you can look forward to lots of exciting new functionality to further enhance the relationship between your firm and your clients. Your clients will be impressed that you have a system for them, and you will enjoy a competitive advantage over your competitors. Because it is so different, it will build your reputation and grow your client base through positive referrals.

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