Pennsylvania Attorneys Save Time and Money with LEAP

Attorneys in Pennsylvania have specific needs and requirements that differ from attorneys in other states. Even the nearby states of New York or New Jersey have a completely different set of laws, different court forms, and completely different legal systems.

Practice management software that is designed for lawyers across the entire country is not built to the specific needs of the lawyers of any single state. Generic practice management systems that are not tailored for your state can affect the quality of service you provide, your time spent on administrative tasks, or the amount of manual data entry you have to perform. Rather than using one of these systems, you should be using software that is designed specifically for the attorneys in your state and practice area.

Automated Pennsylvania Court Forms

The primary advantage of using software that is tailored for your state is that you get access to an entire library of state-specific automated legal forms. Rather than creating every form and document you need from scratch, you can use LEAP’s library of forms and templates. Whether you specialize in family law, wills & estates, real estate, criminal law, probate, or any other area of law, you will find the forms you’re already used to using on a daily basis within LEAP. Best of all, utilizing the form library will cut down on double data entry, because they are automated. Enter the client and case information into the matter once and this information will be placed into the documents automatically with the click of a button. Automatically populating your court forms with client and case data from the matter will save you time. With this found time, you can bill more hours, get organized, or even leave the office early.

Cloud Practice Management Software

Speaking of leaving the office early, using a practice management system that operates on the cloud allows you to take your entire office with you wherever you go. You can now leave the office early and work from the road, at home, or from your favorite coffee shop.

Practicing law on-the-go from any device you have an internet connection is a gamechanger for your law firm. You will no longer be tied to your desk and will have the freedom to work from anywhere.

In addition to the freedom it provides you and your co-workers, the cloud also provides significant advantages for data security. LEAP is powered by AWS, so all client and case data is stored on Amazon’s secure cloud, which is responsible for storing the data of government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. While someone could walk into your practice and steal your server or physical files, this is not possible with amazon’s encryption.

One Version of the Truth

When all the data for your law firm is on the cloud, every single document and client file has only one version of the truth. When you store documents in physical folders or servers, they may become lost or copied from the original. It’s important to maintain one version of the truth for every document or piece of information at your disposal. You don’t want to have one version stored on your server, another version in your briefcase at court, and another version on your desk back at the office. It can be difficult to know which copy is the newest or most recently updated. When you store everything on the cloud, there is only one version that can be accessed by every member of the firm. Keep everyone in your office on the same page with one version of the truth.

Your law firm undoubtedly has established ways of working or practicing but you should always be investigating new methods that could improve your productivity. Any new piece of software that allows you to save time or make more money is worth seeing a demonstration of. Book an obligation-free, personalized demonstration of LEAP for your Pennsylvania law firm to learn how you could improve your practice by making the switch.

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