Pennsylvania Attorneys Can Automate Court Forms

One of the most time-consuming parts of being an attorney is finding and filling out various court forms regularly. Pennsylvania attorneys can spend hours searching for and filling out court forms. Rather than maximizing the amount of time spent on billable work, attorneys often spend too much time out of their day on non-billable administrative tasks. Typically, court forms are scattered across the internet in various places, or you must pay for a separate form provider. Finding the correct form can be difficult, and you are also never sure that the form is up to date with all the information required by the court.

When you use a practice management system that includes court forms, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. You will have everything you need to run a law firm in an all-in-one platform, including the latest court forms.

Court Form Automation

In addition to having all the court forms readily available, you will also be able to automate court forms with your client and case information. Enter information in your practice management system once, and that information can be reused and inserted into the forms and templates you generate. You will save significant time when you cut down on manual data entry and re-entry, usually associated with generating court documents. When you use automatically populated court forms, you can eliminate typos and errors made from re-keying information and copying and pasting figures. Simple court forms like a Civil Complaint have the addresses of the plaintiff, defendant, attorney, and court automatically inserted from the matter into the document.

The LEAP Document Manager can help you fill out more complicated forms by asking simple questions and automatically filling the answers into the documents. For example, when you create a Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative form, you will be asked a series of questions that will automatically populate the form. Selecting the attorney to appear on the form, the party for whom the form is being prepared, and the address where notices should be sent will automatically insert these values from your matter into the form.

Additionally, with LEAP, you will no longer need to perform calculations for more complicated forms. The figures you have previously entered into the software will be automatically inserted in the correct area in the worksheet. Rather than having to perform complex calculations, LEAP will automatically calculate these values and save you time filling out the form.

Saving Time to Save Money

Attorneys at small law firms in Pennsylvania wear a lot of hats. In addition to practicing law, you’re expected to be an office manager, paralegal, bookkeeper, marketer, and more. Another significant advantage of automatically populating forms is the ability to reduce the amount of administrative work you have at the firm. Automating the form creation process is vital to free up more of your time. When you cut down on this administrative work, you free up more time for yourself and your staff to focus on practicing law. You can then focus on growing your business through marketing and networking, generate more billable hours, and increase your bottom line.

Cutting down on time spent filling out forms also allows you to cut back on your support staff. For example, while you may have previously needed a full-time employee to help you draft forms, with LEAP, you may be able to cut back to a part-time employee. This makes a direct impact on your firm’s cash flow. If you can scale back on employee costs or bill a couple extra hours per month, you have already paid for your new practice management system. Any spare time or cash you can generate beyond this is money in the bank.

All Your Forms Available Anywhere, Anytime

In addition to automating the form creation process, LEAP allows you to access and edit your documents from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can see all the information you need about your matters, clients, and documents from any device, including desktop, laptop, cell phone, and tablet. If you have ever forgotten a critical court document back at the office, you will immediately see the value in this feature. Previously, you may have had to go back to the office or ask a member of your support staff to bring the document to the courthouse. Now you can pull up the document you need on your cell phone while you’re sitting in the car or walking up the courthouse steps.

Instant access to all the documents related to a matter from anywhere can transform your business. This is the power of a cloud-based practice management system. You’re no longer tied to your desk and can access your entire law firm on-the-go.

Making the switch to LEAP will improve the operation of your firm by saving you significant time and money. When you automatically populate your court forms, documents, and letters with information from the matter, you’ll get a substantial boost in productivity. To learn more about LEAP and how it can save you time and money, request an obligation-free demonstration today.

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