Paperless Office: Part 1

A virtual law firm can be achieved by using a cloud-based legal management system.  Implementing cloud-based technology gives attorneys the ability to access all client information and case documents outside of their brick-and-mortar law office anytime, anywhere.

Flexibility, Mobility, and Efficiency 

Imagine the separate approaches of two different attorneys at court. The first attorney uses an archaic management system without smart technology and the second has adopted a cloud-based legal management system:

Attorney 1:

He arrives at court weighed down by three heavy case files. He didn’t have a briefcase big enough to fit them, so he is carrying all his files in his arms. The original plan was to bring only one folder of notes, but at the last minute he decided to bring along all his emails, meeting notes, and additional backup information.

He precedes to the front of the courtroom when suddenly the binding of one of his case files snaps. Papers scatter everywhere. Humiliated, he scurries to pick up the papers on the floor and shove them back in the broken file to appear organized. With sweaty palms, he tries to sort through the misaligned documents to find the one he needs to show the judge.

Attorney 2:

She arrives at court with a sleek black leather briefcase. The only item inside the small briefcase is an even smaller iPad mini. She takes out the tablet, knowing that all her meeting notes, court files, correspondences, and emails are in the palm of her hand. All her documents are time-stamped and chronologically ordered. As she prepares to meet the judge, she uploads correct file she needs in matter of seconds.

She looks over to the defense attorney who is trying to pick up all his scattered documents on the floor. She sees sweat dripping down his red face. He is already flushed and embarrassed before losing the case. With the certainty that all the information she needs is at her fingertips, she walks up to the judge. With her iPad mini (or in other words, her entire library of case files) in her hands, she exudes confidence, knowing she has won the case before the trial has even begun.

Become a legal innovator

Surprisingly, many attorneys continue to use obsolete methods, as attorney 1 did. Attorneys who choose to have out-of-date approaches to practicing will be buried in the past. Legal innovators will succeed by taking advantage of the tools of the future. To learn more on how to win with a virtual law firm, read “The Paperless Office: Part 2.”

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