Paperless Office: Part 4

If you didn’t have a chance to read “Paperless Office: Part 3,” we ended with Scarlet having a competitive edge over Wallace in her ability to make dead time productive. The adjournment of the court case has now passed, with Scarlet effectively working on client cases, and Wallace shuffling paper folders.

As the court case begins and a witness is called to the stand, Wallace flips through his documents for an important note. He turns to the next pile of case files, only to realize that he left this note in a journal on his office desk. Wallace curses himself, realizing that he should have used the spare time he had from the delay to reach out to his secretary for this information.

He imagined how he could have asked his secretary to rummage through his diary to find that exact piece of information he needed. Out of tune with the reality of an on-demand, wireless world, Wallace thought that it would be entirely plausible for his secretary to locate the needed information in a sea of notes, decipher his handwriting, and tell him what he needed to know verbally over the phone. In this thought of missed opportunity, Wallace didn’t even think of how his secretary left work sick and was away from the office, how improbable it would have been for her to find the minute note buried in his journal, and the inaccuracy of her telling him over the phone what the note said.

Since Wallace isn’t knowledgeable of legal practice management software, he cannot envision a situation in which he could have effortlessly accessed the note. Scarlet with all her files accessible on her iPad mini can make a less than two-minute search a reality.

Before leaving for the case, Scarlet snapped a photo of a note in her journal that she needed then saved it to the electronic matter. She also scanned all documents and files that were germane to the case to her management system.  The photos and scanned files then synced across all devices, including her iPad mini, which she safely placed in her briefcase to take to court with her.

Unlike Wallace, Scarlet would never have that unreachable piece of information hidden underneath a mound of manila folders. With an effective legal practice management system, Scarlet can be assured that all the knowledge she requires to win the case is in the palm of her hand.

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