Paperless Office: Part 3

The Freedom to Practice Anywhere: Scarlet’s Story  

With her iPad mini at her fingertips, Scarlet is ready to be proactive while away from the office. Since Scarlet knows she can save all edits made to the document directly to the matter she begins working immediately.

As soon as she starts altering the document, Scarlet begins time recording. Her legal management software system allows her to capture time and work on the document simultaneously. As Scarlet finishes making the adjustments to the file, she saves it to the correct matter, and it syncs across all devices.

She sends a quick email to her secretary, notifying her the file has been finalized. Scarlet doesn’t have to go back to the office to login to her account and share the document. Scarlet gives access to her secretary to view the file. Her secretary then uploads the file on her desktop, prints it, and mails a hard copy to the client.

As she calls her client, Scarlet is assured that her work is still being recorded in real time. In fact, time isn’t even on Scarlet’s mind because she knows her time recording is syncing instantly to the timesheet in the office. When Scarlet emailed her secretary about the final document, if having access and viewing the timesheet could see the amount of time she spent on it. Unlike attorneys using old-school methods to time record, Scarlet doesn’t have to do double data entry. For Scarlet, there’s no pen and paper involved in time recording. She doesn’t have to worry about heading back to the office to record her time and receive credit for the work she’s done.

When calling her client, Scarlet doesn’t have to reach out to her secretary. All of her client details including contact information, files, and correspondences are saved electronically to the matter and stored. Since all information regarding the client and case is electronically saved for near eternity in one place and on one system it will always be easily accessible.

Using Siri, Scarlet dictates call Mrs. Richards (one of her clients). She makes the call, without having to trouble her secretary or press multiple buttons. The entire call and subsequent note taking are all done through voice activation. After the call, Scarlet voice records her notes. The recording is saved to the matter and syncs across all devices. After the call, Scarlet doesn’t have to go back to the office to file her notes. Because her dictation synced across al her devices it will be on her office desktop when she decides to return. Now Scarlet has the freedom of going to her office whenever she wants, as her recording has arrived at the office before she did.

With her legal software management system, Scarlet created a virtual law firm during an adjournment at court. Scarlet’s work doesn’t revolve around her desk and neither should your work. Read the next “Paperless Office: Part 4” to find out more.


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