Paperless Office: Part 2

We ended Paperless Office: Part 1 with Scarlet outperforming Wallace in her ability to upload files immediately from her iPad mini. Wallace already had succumbed to vulnerability by walking into the courtroom with a stack of case files in his hands and spilling them everywhere.

We are now waiting for the case to begin. Scarlet sits at her desk reading a recent email just sent by client on her iPad, and Wallace is still attempting to reorder his misaligned case files. It has just been announced that the case is adjourned for 3 hours.

Scarlet leans back in her chair and skims over a document for another client’s case that was recently saved to the corresponding matter by her secretary. With the delay, she is now keen to work on other client cases. Meanwhile, Wallace wipes the sweat off his head with a monogram handkerchief. He can now take time to collect himself.

Downfalls of double data entry: Wallace’s Story

After trying to reorganize for 20 minutes, Wallace stops.  Besides, he isn’t a secretary and has pressing work to do on other clients’ cases. Wallace tries to call a client, but only his apartment address is listed in the contact information. He must reach out to his secretary to retrieve the phone number. But, when he calls back to the office he finds out his secretary got sick and left early.

Wallace recalls that he may have wrote the number down somewhere in his planner. Although, he doesn’t know where exactly he wrote this key piece of information; so, he must flip through page-by-page of his year-long calendar. Finally, he finds the number.

Not accounting for the 30 minutes it took to find Bob’s information, Wallace starts time recording the cool using post-it notes. The call with his client was relatively quick in comparison to the time it took for Wallace to find the phone number. In the next three hours, he makes two other calls.

For one of these calls, Wallace was lucky enough to locate the client’s number in his phone contacts. For the other client, he must leaf through his planner again. Wallace sticks the 6 post-it notes on which he attempted to time record back into his planner. He puts the post-it notes at the front of his planner, thinking that if he put them there he won’t forget. Unfortunately, Wallace never returns to the post-it notes he put in his planner. His time recording is lost.

Scarlet smiles, watching Wallace stick the post-it notes in his worn planner. With her iPad mini at her fingertips, Scarlet is ready to be proactive, while away from the office. Read the next “Paperless Office: Part 3” to find out Scarlet’s story.

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