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In 2019, more and more businesses realize the importance of improving work-life balance. Employees will be happier, and happier employees do better work. Attorneys are always busy, but an excellent work-life balance should apply to them too. Working at home or outside of the office is a great way to improve morale at a law firm and help balance the schedules of busy attorneys. Working from home can be difficult or even impossible when your law firm uses a desktop practice management system. You may have to record your time or create documents manually and enter them into the practice management system when you return to the office the next day. This double data entry is inefficient and wastes your time. With a system that’s available on your cell phone, you can manage your practice from your mobile law office and get work done no matter where you are.

Access Client and Case Information on Your Cell Phone

With a mobile app for your practice management software, you are never more than a few taps away from the information you need. Many attorneys have met with or received a call from a client and realized they are missing a critical piece of information. Usually, you would have to call back to the office for your secretary or paralegal to give you the data from the matter or document. With a mobile app for your practice management system, you can access the information you need on your cell phone instantly. A mobile law office on your phone will also give you access to contact information, notes, memos, time entries, and financial data for each client and case.

Being able to access your law firm from wherever you are will give you the flexibility to work from anywhere. You can even check in on cases or clients when you’re at home, on vacation, or on your commute. When you’re not tied to your desk at the office, you can better balance your work and personal life.

Record Voice Memos and Save Them Back to the Matter

Even the most mobile of attorneys will probably want to make some notes for themselves or their staff for when they are back in the office. When you can practice from your cell phone, you’re able to record voice memos and save them as audio files directly in the client’s matter. You may be thinking that you can record voice memos from your cell phone without an app. This is true, but when this function is integrated with your practice management software, they are automatically tied back to the relevant matter. Voice memos are useful for leaving notes for yourself, but your support staff or colleagues back at the office can also access these memos instantly. This means you could instruct staff to generate a particular form or contact a client through a quick voice memo.

Communicate with Clients and Staff

When your firm is available on-the-go on any device, you can save the contact information of your clients and staff from your matters in your cell phone. It’s like having an address book that’s created and updated automatically. No more outdated phone numbers or addresses. If the contact information has been added or updated on the web or desktop application, it will be available for you to use on the mobile app.

The best practice management apps also integrate with your email client. You will be able to select the email option for a client or staff member with the app, and it will create an email to them in the email platform. For example, LEAP integrates with Microsoft Outlook in this way.

Scan IDs and Documents

The ability to take photos with your cell phone’s camera and scan the images into your practice management system is one of the most valuable features of a practice management system. Instead of spending time and money photocopying and printing documents, you can manage everything electronically. If you receive a document or piece of evidence at court, you can take a picture of it with your cell phone’s camera. You can then save this image back to the matter as a PDF. The information can be accessed instantly back at the office for your support staff or colleagues to begin working on it.

You can also scan driver’s licenses and other forms of identification. These ID cards can be saved back to the information file of a specific client, so you always have the correct spelling of their name or address on hand. It’s an incredibly useful, yet often overlooked feature that can save precious minutes. Eventually, the few minutes you save here and there with the phone scanning features add up to hours of gained time.

Mobile Time Recording

When you’re out of the office, are you still jotting down time entries with a pen and paper? If you are, you could make your life much easier with a practice management app that allows you to record time on your mobile phone. When you write down your time entries or try to remember them in your head, you will inevitably forget to enter them or misremember them. And if you don’t recall correctly, you’ll usually underestimate, so you don’t have to face accusations of overcharging from clients.

With a practice management app that includes mobile time recording, you can start a timer from any screen on the app. You can record time for meetings on your phone and save that time entry right back to the matter. When it’s time to generate the bill, that entry will be present.

In addition to setting a timer yourself, the best practice management apps will include automatic time recording. For example, when you make an outgoing phone call or write an email in LEAP, you can choose to start a time entry automatically. When you are finished, you’ll be prompted to save the entry directly back to the matter. Start getting paid for all the communication you have with your client, no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

There’s only one practice management system that will give you all the features described above in one package. LEAP allows you to access your entire law office on-the-go from any device, anywhere, and anytime. Get client and case information, voice memos, document and ID scanning, and mobile time recording all in one convenient package. LEAP is the best choice for attorneys in New Hampshire to start a completely mobile law office accessible from their cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop devices. Request a demonstration today and find out how easy it can be to switch.

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