Legal Software Reviews: Case Study of LEAP

Martin Liberman has been an attorney in Morristown, NJ for over 40 years, specializing in real estate transactions. Liberman recently was instrumental in the case “Conely v. Gerrero 2017.” The New Jersey Supreme court ruled that an attorney may void a real estate contract on behalf of a client by fax or email, telegram or personal delivery. This ruling adapts to modern technology by expanding to fax and email. The previous 1983 law only permitted a void via telegram or personal delivery.

“LEAP is a very innovative small company. Their main goal is to work with small law firms, not huge, conglomerate firms. They tailor themselves to small law firms and solo practitioners and make it easy for us to practice and spend more time doing other things than the continual grunt work we normally would have to do.” -Martin Liberman, Esq.

As the “Conely v. Gerrero 2017” case shows technology is innovating the field of law and making traditional forms of communication obsolete. Liberman comments, “Innovations in law are mind blogging. The legal industry must change their approach to practice and bring it up-to-date on forms of recent technology.”

As a real estate attorney, Liberman has found the comprehensive library of legal forms within LEAP to be very helpful. LEAP has a dedicated Design and Automation Team from a legal background in charge of updating the extensive collection of legal forms. The Design and Automation Team is responsible for conducting research to ensure that all forms are up-to-date. The team has formed relationships with courts, authorities, and attorneys to be informed of changes that are due before they are made.

LEAP is constantly creating forms tailored to fit all common areas of law. “Due to the integration of LEAP, you can pull up forms quickly. If you are working on a deed or affidavit, you do not have to keep retyping entire documents. You only need to enter your information once for it be generated across various forms,” comments Martin. He prides LEAP for catering to small law firms and meeting their every need. Martin gives the LEAP Forms Blog as an example, saying he receives notifications from the LEAP Forms Blog every time a form is changed. “LEAP is like a family,” Martin comments, “they care very much about their customers.”

Learn more about the extensive library of legal forms within LEAP.

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