Legal Software’s Effect: A Case Study of a NJ Law Firm Using LEAP


Case Study: The Law Office of Frank J. Materia

The LEAP Effect

At first, Frank Materia was hesitant about technology improving his practice. Though after speaking with several other experts in the legal industry, Materia realized that practice management software was vital to the growth of his business.

When he started using LEAP he came to understand that technology was immensely helpful. Materia has now become the tech savvy attorney, who is not inundated with paperwork. This comes to the shock of his friends, whom only knew him as the attorney more inclined to organize his practice with enormous cabinet files.

“I don’t need to go to a case cabinet because I have countless manila folders in a virtual office. LEAP allows me to take my practice in my car, home, or actually anywhere. I save money on office space, as I do not need another office for filing cabinets. All my file cabinets are in LEAP.”  -Frank J. Materia, Esq.

LEAP in Action

On LEAP’s Mobility…….

Frank comments, “LEAP generated business for my practice by freeing my time to attend luncheons and community events, at which I can market my services and gain clients.”

As a solo practitioner, Materia understands that he is entirely responsible for generating business to his practice. For Frank this means being very active in the community and making personal appearances at local events. When establishing relationships and attracting clients he cannot confine his practice to his office or the courtroom.

According to Frank, LEAP has decreased the hours he spends on work management and increased his time spent outside the office at client-facilitating engagements. For example, Frank no longer drains away his work day with faxing multiple documents. Instead, he now sends mass PDF’s in one email through LEAP.

When he is out building his practice by word-of-mouth referrals, Frank never feels as if he is far from his office or clients’ cases with LEAP. In fact, Frank says, “I am always at work because I have LEAP’s Mobile App on my phone. If a client calls me about a letter, and I am at a luncheon, I can easily go into my App and be at my office.”

Recently, a client of Frank’s had an issue with a commercial deal. He was nowhere near his office. However, with the LEAP Mobile App, he was able to access all of his files remotely and address his client’s concern outside of his brick and mortar residence. In addition to assisting his client immediately, Frank accurately recorded his time and accounted for his profit. Materia equates LEAP’s Mobile App to a mobile office. Through LEAP, he has become the modern attorney, who can provide his clients with information instantly and save time doing so.

“LEAP allows me to be an attorney on-the-go. I am now an attorney throughout the state of NJ, instead of just Upper Montclair. -Frank J. Materia, Esq.


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