How does Legal Document Assembly and Legal Design and Automation Work in LEAP?


What is Legal Document Assembly and  Legal Design and Automation?

One of the most essential parts of an attorney’s daily rhythm is producing documents. Making this process simple is the quickest way to make more money. Document production should be an integral part of your case management. Within LEAP, you can produce letters, forms, templates, wills, contracts, and trusts effortlessly.

Legal Forms

Within LEAP, there is a comprehensive library of legal forms across all areas of law for New York and New Jersey. The information you enter in your electronic matter is pulled through into the various forms, templates, or documents you need for each matter. Whether it is captions in litigation matters, property details in real estate deals or asset and liability details in an estate matter, we have you covered.

What about the retainer agreements, contracts and personalized forms database you have built up over many years of practice? You can easily import your own forms and templates into LEAP. As part of your LEAP implementation, we will automate 20 of your letter templates for you.

LEAP is adaptive. LEAP provides legal forms, but I can also use my own forms. It allows me to do what I am comfortable with at a much faster pace. – Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq.

Need to produce a form through a browser?

As LEAP integrates with Office 365, you can easily produce documents and conduct complex merges in a browser. All documents are saved right back to LEAP.

How does Legal Document Assembly and Legal Design and Automation work in LEAP?

  • Select the area of law for your case

The first step is to select the specific matter type for your area of law and state. We have matter types that cover all the common areas of law, from Family Law and Real Estate to Bankruptcy, Litigation and Estates.

You will then be presented with a checklist for the required information for your case. The checklist is specific to the area of the law for that matter.

  • Enter your case information into the checklist

The second step is to enter in all the key case information into the checklist. The checklist enables you to capture all the necessary information in one convenient spot – you will have, as we like to say, one version of the truth. If a client calls, all the information is easily accessible at your fingertips, and it eliminates the need to re-enter the same information multiple times.

  • Produce legal forms and templates in seconds

One of the main functions of your day is producing legal forms and documents. Instead of re-typing the information into each form again and again, the information you entered on your matter automatically merges in the documents, forms and templates you need to produce. This allows you to avoid copying and pasting from old documents, save hours of manual data entry, and eliminate the risk of mistakes.

List of New York Forms in LEAP

List of New Jersey Forms in LEAP

  • Throw out the calculator – the calculations are done for yout e

Law firms in New York and New Jersey save countless of hours with automated legal calculations. The information you enter in LEAP – income details, assets, liabilities, expenses etc., will not only merge into the documents for you, but the calculations will be done for you.

For example, in family law matters two documents that require complex calculations are the Statement of Net Worth (NY) and Case Information Statement (NJ), together with the Child Support Worksheet/Guidelines. With LEAP, the gross income, deductions, and net income etc. are calculated for you and then populated into the relevant sections of each form. Saving hours of time and stress.

In Bankruptcy, enter your client’s debts, creditors and assets into the matter, and it will automatically work out whether they need to file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

  • Need to double check a legal rate? We have you covered

Quick access to legal rates across a variety of different areas of law, legal bodies and jurisdictions will save you hours searching. Can’t remember the filing fee for a district court, or need to double check whether payment is by cash or check? You can readily access this information in LEAP.

LEAP allows you to have the information of each client and file throughout your case always at hand. There is never a minute wasted looking for client information. LEAP helps you have the client information in one place, so you can save time looking for it and complete your legal forms within seconds. –Frank Materia




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