How Legal Content is a Game-Changer

In the last few decades, advancements in data entry and computers have revolutionized the small law firm market. Instead of working harder and longer, firms have discovered how to work smarter. These legal leaders are now producing legal forms in one click, without human error. Key information is only entered in once to be automated across multiple documents with the push of the button. There’s no time spent tracking down old forms to re-use, as these firms of the 21st century have access to an up-to-date, comprehensive collection of legal forms across all areas of law.

The legal technology industry often focuses on providing accounting solutions for small law firms, rather than on creating advanced pre-configured and automated content that is key to a modern, paperless office. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, having an accounting system in place won’t make a firm more profitable. An accounting system works to organize a practice, but does not enhance efficiency and profitability. Instead, it’s a case management system with document automation that allows firms to become more efficient, and substantially increase their profits. There are legal practice management software systems, like LEAP, that have all-encompassing case management systems, in which forms can be directly produced in the system.

A law firm without an adequate case management system wastes valuable billable hours, by doing manual, administrative tasks. For example, a firm that falls into this category, would open a matter and only have the option to record necessary contact details for that particular matter. Important information, such as court, property, and marriage details, is re-typed countless times throughout multiple forms. This information, which is essential to providing the correct advice to clients, and is also pertinent to the forms and templates needed to be produced, must be continually re-typed throughout the life of the matter. Not to mention that creating a form eats a large chunk of time. To generate a new form, the firm must hunt for it in the paper files and re-key the same information again and again. A good case management system transforms endless hours of re-typing and searching into minutes.


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