How Legal Client Portals will Increase Law Firms’ Profits


The firm of Cassandra T. Savoy focuses on divorce and family law. Her practice does a substantial amount of mediation work.  As a divorce and family law attorney, Savoy needs to excel in communicating with her clients. Savoy’s approach to her practice is fully understanding her clients on a personal level and the issues they are facing to provide them with the best possible outcome. In order to do so, Savoy adopted innovative practice management software to provide secure, effective, and efficient client correspondences.

“LEAP is designed to facilitate security and confidentiality in a number of ways. All client information is safe and secure. Due to LEAP’s integration with legal billing, we are able to capture more billable time. Our law firm’s profits have increased by 30% in the first two months, after using LEAP.”

After using LEAP, the firm of Cassandra T. Savoy became more efficient and spends time working smarter, not harder. Thus, the firm is now able to allot more billable hours to their clients, rather than on manual management tasks. Savoy’s staff no longer devotes an entire Saturday to calculating the bills, as LEAP has allowed her to do this more efficiently.

According to Savoy, her practice also “saves time by not having to scroll through emails to find a document, as all the client’s information and documents are saved in the client’s electronic file.” Savoy says that her firm “is moving towards a paperless, cloud-based office and has destroyed 30 cartons of paper thanks in large measure to LEAP.”

Savoy affords her clients peace of mind by reassuring them she “has a paperless office that will send documents in a cloud, so you don’t have to wait to the end of your case.” In fact LawConnect, a client document management platform within LEAP, has helped ensure immediate client correspondence.

LawConnect provides Savoy’s clients with the confidentiality they need during their divorce. She comments, “In divorce cases, sometimes people are still living together and using the same computer. So the value of LawConnect is they can create their own account and password and still continue to share the same computer, without sacrificing their privacy.” Savoy says “LawConnect permits attorneys to comply with ethical obligations surrounding transmitting clients’ documents in NJ.”

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