LEAP Mobile App New Features

The LEAP Mobile App has always provided a virtual law firm where attorneys can practice law from anywhere. Now, LEAP users can do more when they are out of the office as LEAP Mobile achieves greater feature parity with LEAP desktop. In the latest version of the app, attorneys now have access to two brand new features to help them practice from anywhere, anytime.

Scan Documents Directly to a LEAP Card

LEAP Mobile now gives users the ability to scan documents from their mobile devices directly into a LEAP Card. With the new feature, attorneys and support staff can now scan and save documents from the palm of their hand.

When the user selects “Scan Document” in the LEAP Card, they will be asked to provide the LEAP Mobile App with access to their smart phone’s camera.

Staff back at the office can access documents instantly when they are scanned and saved to a Card in LEAP. This feature is useful for attorneys who want to save specific information to a client’s card outside of the matter. Identification, insurance information, tax returns, bank statements, mortgage agreements, and more, will be saved as PDF files and attached to a Card in LEAP. These files can then be accessed immediately by attorneys, paralegals, or assistants who are using the web or desktop version of LEAP.

With document scanning directly to LEAP Cards, attorneys and support staff no longer have to wait until they are in the office to scan documents, which allows them to move on to billable work quickly.

Recording a New Voice Memo in LEAP Mobile for iOS

With the iPhone version of the LEAP Mobile App, users can now record voice memos from their phone. Attorneys will no longer have to take notes or transcripts from meetings, which can be unreliable and time-consuming. With LEAP, they can record meetings with clients, negotiations, and voice notes for later use.

Voice recordings can be saved to a matter and accessed by other attorneys and support staff instantly, whether they are using the desktop or web version.

Every update of the LEAP Mobile App makes it easier for law firms to manage their entire practice from anywhere, anytime. The two newest features, document scanning to cards and voice memos, enable attorneys to get more work done while they are out of the office.

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