LEAP 2x is Now Live

LEAP 2x is one of the most exciting innovations to come to LEAP. It provides many new features, product enhancements, and a completely redesigned user interface. We received feedback from our current clients and made LEAP 2x based on the most highly requested features from real LEAP users. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, so we’re happy to present the significant new changes to LEAP 2x. Read on for a rundown of the functionality and design changes present in the latest version of LEAP.

New Design

The layout and icons in LEAP have been completely redesigned and updated to be more user-friendly and easier to use. One of the most significant feature changes is the addition of a global menu. Rather than being on the top toolbar, you now have a complete view of all the menu options available in LEAP at a glance. These menu options are conveniently sorted into Home(Matters/Cards/Documents), Accounting, Reports, and Other(Filing Fees/Tools).

You can easily access any part of the LEAP software instantly, saving you time searching through different screens. There is also a convenient search function on the global menu so you can pull up what you’re looking for even faster. All this will save you valuable time spent on administrative tasks for your practice, so you can spend more time practicing law and billing your clients.

Additionally, the menu contains options for Help & Support, Settings, and About, so you can quickly and easily get help or adjust your LEAP preferences.

Global Notifications List

One of the most exciting new features is the addition of a notifications list that is accessible from any screen in the LEAP software. When you log in to the software in the morning, you’ll be able to see a list of all the notifications for all matters the notification menu. This will include notifications for any matter you have worked on and is valuable for giving you a complete picture of your tasks for the day or critical work that needs to be completed. Appointments created based on your critical dates will appear in this list, so you’ll never forget another meeting or document due date. Searches you have ordered or comments left by other members of your firm will also appear in this list.

When you navigate to a matter in LEAP, notifications for only that matter will appear in the notifications list on the matter screen. If you’ve decided to focus all your efforts on one matter for the day, you can easily see critical dates and tasks for that matter in the list and stay focused. The notifications list can serve as a time-saver and organizer for your firm. Use it as a to-do list for the day, and watch your efficiency skyrocket.

History of Changes

A highly requested feature from current LEAP users has been the ability to see a complete account of the changes made to a matter. If you’re a partner at your firm, this is incredibly valuable for keeping track of the activities of associates and support staff. When you take advantage of the history of changes available for each matter, you can cut down on mistakes made by staff members. In the past, if a matter was changed, it might be challenging to know what changed or when. You can now see the entire list of changes made, so you know if someone accidentally deleted a card or altered a critical date.

You can easily compare two different versions of a matter to see what has changed between them. The two versions and all their details and critical dates are loaded right next to each other so you can see the differences at a glance.

Improved Invoicing

Invoices have been completely overhauled and improved in the new version of LEAP. You can now create draft invoices and make edits directly from the invoice screen. You can also add new time entries, fees, and expense recoveries without exiting your invoice draft.

Also, you can now edit draft invoices in a way that was not possible before. You can open an entry on your invoice and directly edit the number of billing units, hours, taxes, billing description, memo, and many other options before you create the invoice. You can also move each entry on an invoice to another staff member, change its activity code, set it as non-billable, or remove it from the invoice altogether.

With LEAP 2x, you now have the flexibility to create invoices and bill clients in the way you see fit. This flexibility will allow you to collect more payments from clients and more accurately bill for your hours spent on the matter.

There are many more improvements and enhancements available in LEAP 2x. Visit our website to see more about LEAP 2x or request a demonstration of the brand new version with a LEAP product consultant.

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