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We’ve spoken with thousands of law firms over the years about their reasons for switching legal software. At the same time, we’ve heard many reasons why law firms are hesitant to change. The most common roadblock for attorneys is their reluctance to tackle law firm data migration. Attorneys who have switched software in the past know there’s nothing more frustrating than switching to a new practice management system and losing some of your data. There can be a risk that some of the information you rely on to run your firm did not transfer over to your new software system.

It’s essential to place your trust in a company that is transparent about the data migration process and helps you understand how it works. You will gain peace of mind knowing you’re working with a company you can trust with your data. Before making the switch to another practice management system, you should ask for a detailed description of their data migration process. Any company not willing to provide one is likely not doing everything they can to protect your data and transfer it over effectively.

Understanding the Transition Process

LEAP supports your law firm throughout the transition and guides you through every step of the process. There are 5 main transition steps for your data when you decide to make the switch to LEAP.

1. Initial Consultation

Within two days of receiving your order, LEAP confirms the software you are currently using and confirms the scope of the migration you have requested.

Within four days of receiving your order, we arrange a call with you to discuss preparing for the transition and data migration. We will also explain the process leading up to the data collection, transition, and installation. You will also receive a copy of our Housekeeping document, which is a helpful checklist of steps and requirements, tailored to the current software you are using. We’ll confirm the data collection and migration date for the future.

2. Running Final Checks Before Transition

Shortly before the data collection date, we will review your Housekeeping document with you to make sure the steps will be completed before the transition begins. We ask that you remain available on the data collection date. We may need you to provide access to the data, verify its accuracy, and act as a point of contact for any questions that may arise.

3. Accessing Your Data for Collection

If your data is held on a server within your law firm, we will need remote access to your database and current practice management system. If your information is retained on a hosted server, your hosted supplier will need to provide the remote access.

If there is a significant amount of data in your system, we may perform a trial migration. In a trial migration, we test the extraction and import into LEAP to make sure your data is relevant, accurate, complete, consistent, and accessible.

4. Performing the Transition

On the date of your data collection, your LEAP Data Migration Specialist will extract the data from your legacy software and import the data into our migration environment. Once this has been completed, we will review the integrity of your client names, client addresses, matter details, and staff details. We will take a look at the matter balances and confirm with you that they are correct.

Once our data migration specialist has verified and confirmed all the data, it will be imported into LEAP. Finally, all data will be rechecked to assure accuracy.

5. Reviewing and Verifying Data Transition

Once your data has been transitioned, we will perform a detailed review of the migrated data. Next, we will provide any additional services that have been requested and agreed on by both you and LEAP. Once everything is completed, we will communicate to the LEAP Installations team that they are cleared to proceed with your installation of LEAP. Lastly, we will confirm your approval of the successful data transition.

Working to Achieve a Successful Migration

It’s important to remember that each transition is unique. The type of transition we can perform will depend on how your current software system stores information. Our experienced data transition team has performed thousands of successful electronic conversions of legacy data from over 70 software systems. We are confident that we can transition your data to your satisfaction because our vast experience has prepared us for most situations.

We provide time and resources to ensure a smooth transition and provide professional advice and guidance throughout the entire process. As the data owner, sharing your information and knowledge of your existing system and the quality and location of your data is essential for ensuring a successful data migration.

Contacting us about switching from your existing software to LEAP puts you on the simple path to the best-in-class cloud solution. You can rest assured that the experienced data transition team at LEAP will make your switch as simple as possible.

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