Investing in Law Firm Content Marketing

There are two ways clients search for attorneys. Either a friend, family member or professional might refer the client to an attorney or they will find one through an advertising channel. This concept is vital to understand when lawyers seek to market themselves or their firm, and especially when they implement law firm content marketing.

A referral may not always call the office directly. First, they may research you online. Potential clients should quickly be able to locate your office and information about the practice online. If potentially damaging information comes up, an unhappy client leaves a bad review, or the office and practice information is old, then there might be some work to do.

Potential clients who are not referrals are likely to type something into Google, e.g., ‘I was hurt in a car accident, and I’m looking for a lawyer’ or ‘I just had a baby and I need a will’. Potential clients know they have a problem and are also confident it’s a problem that requires counsel. However, most law firms don’t know how their clients find them. As the number of ways to connect with a business increases, it becomes harder to predict the best intake channels.

It is essential to continually improve search engine optimization campaigns directed at keywords, long-tail searches, and further online reputations beyond just directory profiles. Small and solo law firms who are willing to write compelling, informative, web-based content for potential clients will succeed in digitally marketing their services. A content marketing strategy along with paid online advertising will significantly increase the number of new client consultations that they receive.

Content marketing is producing and disseminating content. There are more content forms than just blogging.  Law firms can distribute their content on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as legal advice forums such as Martindale Nolo and even Yelp. When firms create great marketing content, they’ll be able to repurpose it across multiple mediums for many years to come. Great lawyers understand potential clients’ unique problems and may use this knowledge to get more business.

Every time you publish anything online, you increase your authority. Speaking and writing about your area of expertise also sounds a lot like the playbook for traditional lawyer marketing; the only difference is that you’re doing it online and thus have a much larger audience. The savvy lawyer who builds content and distributes it widely across all channels gains an advantage over the competition, who may only focus on one digital channel and mainly rely on industry referrals.

Follow these simple tips to start content marketing:

  • Produce at least one piece of content per week and publish it.
  • Write down the ten most common problems your clients face and produce content about those problems.
  • Create and post to as many social media accounts as you can and try to increase your followers by following others daily.
  • Stick with it and you’ll see progress over time.

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