Introducing LEAP 2x: Coming Soon

LEAP 2x is the newest release of LEAP and will soon be released to users. 2x features updated windows-friendly design and user interface in addition to an entire suite of new features with improved functionality. All of the new features and design changes were a result of user feedback. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. LEAP is proud to act on clients’ suggestions to improve the software. LEAP is committed to providing the best and most widely used legal practice management software in the world.

This blog is a sneak peek into what LEAP 2x has to offer. Many of the changes made in the 2x American version were mentioned as essential by those who saw a demonstration of LEAP but did not make the switch. If you have already seen a demonstration of LEAP but declined to purchase, LEAP 2x now includes the features you asked for.

Invoicing Flexibility

LEAP 2x introduces flexibility to invoice creation that is unmatched by any competitor. Once the update is released, users will have the ability to edit fields directly in their invoices, rather than having to exit and create new entries from a different screen. New time and fee entries, cost recoveries, and unbilled time entries can be added directly to the invoice without closing it. You will be able to quickly transfer time and fee entries between staff members and change activity codes. With LEAP 2x, your firm will have complete freedom in generating and editing invoices. Invoices can be tailored to individual clients so you can get paid faster. In addition to giving your firm the flexibility to bill how it needs, the new invoicing features also reduce the time spent completing the tedious administrative task of generating invoices.

Updated Interface

LEAP 2x will feature an entirely updated interface that makes the entire program more user-friendly. The simplified design improves ease-of-use. Since the software is more intuitive to use and navigate, there will be less of a training requirement for you and the rest of the members of your firm. Initial training will still be required, but you will get up-to-speed much faster so you can start saving time and making more money.

The newly resigned global menu provides access to everything in one place. Under the Home tab, you’ll see the options for your matters, cards, and documents. From this tab, you can also search for menu items. Quickly searching through every menu item in LEAP allows you to get to where you need to go as fast as possible.

There are also now separate menu tabs for Accounting, Reports, and Other (Filing Fees & Tools). Under each menu tab, you have a list of commonly accessed screens. Having a different menu tab for each part of the software allows you to easily access a specific piece of each section with the click of a button. Searching through cumbersome and confusing software menus will be a thing of the past with the release of LEAP 2x.

Enhanced Windows Experience

One of the advantages of working on a Windows application is that you can easily resize windows to fit your screen and operate with maximum efficiency. With LEAP 2x, you’ll be able to take full advantage of these capabilities and resize or maximize any window within the program. You can split screens and resize them to take advantage of all the space available to you with large or multiple screens. Additionally, you will be able to quickly and easily see every LEAP window you currently have open. Simply hover over the LEAP icon in the Windows taskbar, and you can see every LEAP window at a glance. Never lose the screen you were working on again! You’ll be able to increase the speed with which you work when you can take advantage of all the features of Windows to improve productivity in the office.


One of the new features of LEAP 2x that will help improve the running of the firm is the introduction of notifications for many different parts of the software. Within LEAP 2x, you will now have a global notifications list located in the toolbar and available on every screen of the software. Every morning when you start up LEAP, you will have a list of the notifications from all the matters you work on that have been changed since you last logged in. This feature is great when returning from a day off or a long weekend, as you can see everything that you missed in a single location. These notifications can function as a to-do list of things you need to tackle that day.

You can also drill down on this list to only include notifications for certain matters. If one of your matters is a priority that morning, you can set the filter to see all the work and changes that have been done in your notifications list. This will help streamline the operation of your firm and simplify your workflow.

An often-requested feature that will be implemented in LEAP 2x is the ability for real-time notifications if someone else is working on the same document as you. When another staff member edits and saves a document, you receive an alert that lets you know. A different version will be saved when you save your work, so there is no risk of saving over someone else’s work. But rather than doubling up on efforts for one matter, you will be able to maximize your time and coordinate the efforts of everyone at the firm. Being aware of what others are working on will save individuals time and make more money for the law firm.

Further Enhancements

This is a list of just some of the features coming to LEAP 2x. There have also been improvements made to accounting, forms and templates, correspondence, matter list, and much more. We’ll have more details on all the specific features and changes as we get closer to the release date. Look out for a release announcement about LEAP 2x soon.

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