The Importance of Integrated E-Filing in New York State

In New York, 44 of the 62 counties have implemented mandatory e-filing. All 62 New York counties are expected to enforce compulsory e-filing soon. Janet DeFiore, Chief Judge of the State of New York, said:

“Technology is critical to our efforts to enhance the efficiency and productivity of court operations, as well as to improve our service to the public. E-filing is the centerpiece of these efforts. It reduces costs and saves time for both the court system and litigants, improves access to the courts, and sharply reduces the environmental impact of litigation. E-filing is the future of our court system, and we must expand thoughtfully and carefully, but also diligently, the use of this powerful tool.”

New York courts have gone digital and compulsory e-filing will only continue to grow across the state.

E-Filing in New York

It is challenging to meet the stringent requirements used by the NYSCEF system to properly e-file in New York. Most experienced attorneys have been filing paper documents with the court clerk for years or even decades.

E-filing is made even more complicated by the different rules for mandatory e-filing throughout New York when an attorney practices in several counties. For example, New York County mandates e-filing for all actions except CPLR Art. 70, CPLR Art. 78, election law, matrimonial matters, and mental hygiene matters, and Westchester County adds name change applications to this list. E-filing rules in Suffolk County are even more complicated. Suffolk County exempts civil forfeiture and emergency medical treatment from mandatory e-filing and mandates e-filing commencement documents for consumer credit actions.

Become More Efficient with an Integrated E-Filing System

If you are still e-filing manually through NYSCEF, there is a solution to ensure your filing is never rejected, and the correct forms are also instantly updated when changes occur. LEAP integrates with the world’s leading e-filing solution, InfoTrack.

LEAP’s Infotrack integration automatically populates the information you need to e-file your form into the NYSCEF system. This automation eliminates the need to manually re-key information or copy and paste it from your matter into the NYSCEF form. Additionally, LEAP will automatically bill all the court fees and expenses you incurred through e-filing to your client’s file. When you don’t have to reconcile and calculate case costs manually, you will be able to send accurate invoices immediately and get paid on time more often.

Protect Yourself from Risk with an Integrated E-Filing System

LEAP and InfoTrack restrict files you can add to your e-filing. Anyone who has uploaded the wrong document to an e-filing submission understands this value. When you select a document to upload, you can only see those documents that correspond to the matter that you are currently working on. LEAP completely removes the risk of uploading the wrong document to your e-filing.

All Your Correspondence in One Place

In addition to protecting yourself from mistakes and being more efficient, an integrated e-filing system also lets you access everything in one place. Within LEAP, you will be able to see the status of each document you filed, without going to NYSCEF, or calling the court clerk, or looking in another location. You will automatically know whether the e-filing for each document is complete or waiting for approval.

An all-in-one practice management system with integrated e-filing is the only way to run your solo or small law firm. To learn more about how to simplify NYSCEF e-filing, book your demonstration with a LEAP product consultant today.

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