How to Complete Your Legal Forms within Minutes

Law firms using an archaic legal management system are spending hours manually re-typing the same information into multiple forms. Law firms using an archaic legal management system are spending hours manually re-typing the same information into multiple forms.

Unfortunately, the seemingly pragmatic approach of increasing staff to enhance efficiency is not the answer. Law firms who fall into the trap of hiring more staff to take on the tedious workload of legal forms often end up increasing their expenses, while failing to significantly enhance efficiency.

Increasing Efficiency to Stay Competitive

In an on-demand world, it’s not feasible to dedicate time to locating resources or conducting arduous searches.  With the emergence of the age of consumption and the rise of technology, it has been nearly ingrained in people to believe that they can have what they want when they need it. Clients or customers in any profession expect services to be provided instantaneously. This means businesses need to enhance their efficiency to stay competitive. Law firms are slowly realizing the need to adjust their practices to increase productivity to remain relevant in the market. They are now giving change a chance.

Recently, groundbreaking legal practice management software with automated forms makes practicing more efficient and profitable. With cutting-edge automation, law firms are generating their legal forms within minutes, instead of hours.

Imagine the separate approaches of two different attorneys. Our first attorney, Wallace, uses an outdated method to complete his legal forms, while our second attorney, Scarlet, has adopted innovative technology to complete her forms with just a few clicks.

Wallace’s Wasted Hours on Legal Forms

On a typical day, Wallace has around three staff members working on his legal forms. His employees spend hours entering and re-entering the same client details across multiple forms. To do such a monotonous task requires maintaining high levels of concentration for hours that the average human being does not have. While Wallace’s paralegals are hard-working, trustworthy individuals, sometimes they become drained by re-typing clients’ details 100-plus times.

The result is the switch of a few clients’ names, incorrect phone numbers, and wrong addresses. More than a couple of legal forms are entirely mislabeled, but that’s part of the legal process, manual mistakes happen daily. At least, that’s what Wallace believes, as he has no idea that manual errors can be eliminated with an efficient legal practice management system.

Though he overlooks the repercussions of his support staff’s typos and misidentified legal forms, Wallace notices the long hours wasted on searching for, typing, and generating legal forms. He doesn’t spend too much time thinking of how to fix this inefficiency because the answer is simple. Wallace will hire another paralegal, increase the number of typographical errors in his legal forms and raise his expenses, in doing so.

Scarlet’s Efficient Approach to Legal Forms

After hearing about the potential of automated legal forms, Scarlet makes the decision to invest in a legal practice management software for the future of her law firm. Scarlet’s software provides her with a library of forms across all common areas of law. She never has to worry about checking if the forms are in their latest version, as all forms are continuously updated. Since Scarlet has access to thousands of up-to-date legal forms she doesn’t waste time searching multiple websites for the correct form. Scarlet has all the forms she needs at her fingertips.

Not only does she save time by not having to hunt for forms, but Scarlet also gains efficiency by not having to ever create a single form from scratch again. Once her electronic matter is set up in her software, she can quickly and accurately merge the data into a document to produce her form. The form is then automatically saved back to her electronic matter.

Unlike Wallace, Scarlet’s practice is never burdened by double data entry. She doesn’t have to hire additional support staff and increase her expenses to complete her legal forms efficiently. Her software program ensures that every form is automated for her. With on-the-spot automation, there is very little data that needs to be manually filled in. In fact, Scarlet or her single paralegal only need to enter information in once to produce multiple documents and forms. Automated legal forms made possible by her legal practice management software, allows for Scarlet to have a seamless experience, saving her time, increasing efficiency, and making her more money.



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