How Florida Attorneys Can Make More Money

Florida is a very attractive state in which to start a law firm or solo law practice. Taxes are low and the population is booming. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Florida is the fourth fastest-growing state since 2010, increasing its population by 13.3% from 2010 to 2018¹. Since the population is growing so much, there is ample opportunity for solo attorneys and law firms to capture more clients and make more money. But this is often easier said than done. Attorneys are extremely busy. It can be difficult increasing the size of your client-base without also increasing the size of your firm. But sometimes hiring more support staff or attorneys is not a realistic option.

Attorney Options for Making More Money

When the attorneys in a firm are stretched thin, it can seem like the only opportunities for growth are unattainable. Hiring more staff is a risky move because you may cut into profits for a time before you can take on enough new clients. Raising fees is something that most attorneys cannot do. The legal profession is simply too competitive, and potential clients will go elsewhere if your prices are too high.

Attorneys must get creative to grow their business and start making more money. One of the most effective ways to expand a business without investing in additional staff or raising prices is to invest in the latest technology. Technology that improves the efficiency of a law firm allows attorneys in the firm to reduce time spent on non-billable administrative work and increase time spent on billable work.

Separating from the Office

The ability to practice law from anywhere and at any time can be transformative for a firm. If you’re tied to an on-premise practice management system, you can only work from the office. Studies have shown that working from home provides a substantial productivity boost². Attorneys who can do work from home will be better able to concentrate when they need to, without the distractions a crowded office environment provides.

The benefit of a cloud-based practice management solution is being able to practice on any device, anytime, and anywhere. With LEAP, a cell phone or tablet can become your law office. You get mobile access to your entire case file, including documents and forms, time recording, billing, and matter creation on-the-go. The mobile time recording feature lets you instantly record the time spent on all outgoing calls or set a timer to track external meetings and appointments. Now when you have to make a call from home, you’ll be able to instantly create a time entry and save it to the correct matter. Never miss another billable minute with the LEAP mobile app.

Automate Your Forms and Documents

Since we work closely with solo and small firm attorneys, we often receive feedback about their pain points. One of the most common complaints is that they spend almost as much time on tedious administrative tasks as they do on practicing law. Copying and pasting client and case information into forms and documents takes up a lot of attorneys’ time, especially when they have limited support staff. How much time would you save if you were able to automate the process?

LEAP automatically populates the forms you regularly use with client and case information. For example, if you are a family law attorney practicing in Florida, you would typically have to copy and paste data in several different forms. All your financial documents, motions, orders, petitions, and affidavits would have to be created manually and filled out on their own. The forms and documents you regularly use are available in LEAP’s automated form library. With LEAP, you enter information for the matter once and generate each of these forms with a button press. The data you entered once will be automatically inserted into each generated document.

This process can save hours of precious time on its own, thereby freeing up more time to log billable hours, take on more clients, or leave the office early. Form automation can also eliminate costly and time-consuming typographical errors that come from copying and pasting or rekeying data.

Time Keeping Made Easy

Accurately keeping time is another pain point for solo and small firm attorneys. It’s one that’s impossible to eliminate entirely because if you’re paid hourly, you rely on tracking your time to get paid. There are many fantastic standalone time tracking applications you can go with. But having time tracking that is built into your practice management software will enable you to make more money.

Since so many billable hours occur outside the office, it’s essential to choose a time tracking system that has a mobile app. As we covered earlier, being able to track your time anywhere and anytime can transform your practice. If your time recording app is part of your overall practice management system, you can capture hours on every task. Writing emails, making phone calls, drafting documents, and more become billable events. LEAP integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office, so you can automatically generate time entries when completing tasks in those programs. Capture the time spent sending emails and drafting letters to start making more money.

When the entry has been created, it will be saved to the matter. Throughout the billing cycle, your time entries, disbursements, cost recoveries, trust account balances, and all other financial transactions for the matter will be visible in the same place. Simplifying your billing allows you to spend more of your time practicing law rather than worrying about if you are going to be paid accurately.

One of the most effective ways a lawyer can make more money is to take advantage of the latest technology. Switching to an all-in-one cloud practice management system will save you time each month. Reduce the time spent on administrative work by practicing outside the office, automating your forms and documents, and accurately keeping time, all from one fully integrated system. Instead of hiring more staff, you can make more money by improving the efficiency of your practice. Learn more about making the switch to LEAP and request an obligation-free demonstration.



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