The Goal of Goal Setting in 2018

As a prosperous lawyer, you would not have made it this far along your professional journey without effective goal setting. The very exercise of identifying a goal, determining key incremental steps to take to reach that goal requires a deliberative process of mostly linear thinking.

Why, then, are so many lawyers unable (or unwilling) to attain the goals they set in building their practice through leveraging strategic business development tactics?

Goal setting is a crucial factor in any effective business development and marketing plan. The goal is typically along the lines of “build a healthy practice”; “get more clients” (as if they may be “gotten”); “generate more visibility for myself and my firm”, and so on.

While all of these goals are very possible when supported by concrete marketing tactics, so many lawyers fail to attain their goals. What gives?

So many times, we hear “I’m so busy” or “I’m not rewarded for non-billable time”, and I just shake my head.

Unquestionably, client obligations and commitments must be met, but if effective time management techniques are employed, it should not be to the exclusion of implementing concrete action steps (such as reaching out to two contacts every day) to build and grow a prosperous law practice.

By setting goals at the beginning of a business planning process, you decide what you want to achieve and then move systematically towards achieving these goals. Whether it is setting guidelines for yourself around how you want to proactively expand your network in a six-to-12 month timeframe or develop more work from select clients in 2018, you must set goals to help keep you on track.

Goals provide long-term vision and short-term motivation and help you to organize your time and resources so that you can maximize your concrete action steps. The following steps below will help you get started in your goal setting.

Why Set Goals?

Quoting the great American industrialist Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right”. Love that quote.

Studies show us that setting goals is a significant contributor to success in personal and professional life. Goals provide direction and purpose for our lives. Not only is having goals important to success but also setting achievable goals is important to reach your potential.

We find that the clearer we are about what our goals are, the faster we will be to achieve them. In addition, in doing so, the happier and more successful we will be when we achieve them. To that end, your very health can depend upon setting and achieving your goals.

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