How Florida Probate Attorneys Can Save Time and Money

In addition to practicing law, Florida probate attorneys often have to deal with administrative work like filing documents, business administration, and manual time tracking and billing. Attorneys who practice in estate law and wills are often extremely busy and are not able to finish everything they want to work on. How many times have you looked at the clock and thought, “If only there were more time in the day”? How often have you worked late into the night on something that had to be finished for the next day?

If you were able to eliminate a couple hours of administrative work per week, you could save thousands of dollars per year. When you save time on administrative tasks, you’re free to take on more clients, record more billable hours, and make more money. Or you could use that extra time to take more vacation or leave the office earlier. Practice management software can help you manage your time more effectively. Freeing up time normally spent on non-billable work will allow you to take on more business without increasing your firm’s staff.

Practice Management Mobile App

With a mobile app for your law firm, you’ll be able to access your entire case file from anywhere, at any time. You can manage your matters, contacts, documents, forms, billing, and more wherever you have an internet connection. Take advantage of downtime on your commute, at home, out to lunch, or anywhere to get more work done.

With the LEAP Mobile App, you’ll be able to take photos of IDs, evidence, business cards, and other essential documents with the camera on your phone. You can then upload them directly to the matter. Since LEAP is cloud-based, and files or documents you scan can be instantly accessed by staff back at the office or from their own mobile devices.

Documents that have been created in LEAP or scanned in via your camera can be sent to the client, opposing counsel, or anyone else who is associated with the matter. No more going back to the office to scan or fax a document to someone. Now you can do it all from your mobile app whenever and wherever you have an internet connection.

Automated Legal Forms for Florida Estate Law

The best practice management systems have a library of automated legal forms that will save you a significant amount of time. These forms can be automatically populated with client and case information. Rather than copy and pasting information into documents, you can generate them with the click of a button.

LEAP contains the local, state and federal forms estate law attorneys in Florida regularly use. These Florida forms include letters of administration, orders admitting wills to probate, orders appointing personal representatives, and petition for summary administration. If you practice in other areas of law, LEAP has you covered with any content you need. LEAP features up-to-date forms and documents from Criminal Law, Real Estate, Family Law, Litigation, and all the other common areas of law.

Document Security for Probate Attorneys

Wills and trusts contain sensitive information, and attorneys must take care to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. One of the most manageable steps to take to secure your documents is to sign up for a secure document portal, like LawConnect. With LawConnect, you can send documents is a safe way, rather than as email attachments. Email addresses can be hacked, and the last thing you want to do is expose your clients’ sensitive data to a hacker. With a secure document portal, important documents would still be behind a line of defense if your email was compromised. With LawConnect, you can also grant and revoke access to a file at any time. If you send through an email attachment, the document is forever in the hands of whoever receives the email. It’s worth investing in a document portal to keep up with modern security standards and give your clients peace of mind that their data is safe.

Probate Billing Options

One of the most valuable features of practice management software is the time recording option that can save you time and money on your billing. With LEAP’s timekeeping feature, you can start a timer from any screen. When you stop the timer, you can save it back to your matter for billing. A timer is also automatically started when you work in Microsoft Word, draft an email in Microsoft Outlook, and when you make an outgoing call on the LEAP Mobile App.

Only attorneys who bill hourly would benefit from the timekeeping features available in LEAP. However, there are time and money-saving features of LEAP no matter what type of billing option you use. Probate attorneys who charge a flat fee or take a percentage of the estate value don’t need to worry. They can still benefit from all the other features, including case management, automated legal forms, mobile app, and much more.

LEAP is perfect for probate attorneys in Florida who want to save time and make more money in their law practice. LEAP is now available for attorneys in Florida practicing in all the common areas of law. Discover how easy it can be to switch and request a personalized demonstration.

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