How Your Firm Can Gain a Competitive Advantage


Organizing your practice can be an arduous process, especially if you are a 10+ member firm. Did you know that 10+ member practices in New York and New Jersey are increasingly using technology to gain a competitive advantage over other law firms?

New York and New Jersey law firms are investing in LEAP daily to improve the organization of their practice. With LEAP, case management is made simple. There is no need to sort through folders in file cabinets for hours.  All matter information is now securely saved in one cloud-based system and accessible from anywhere with internet connection. LEAP’s one system, or as we say “one version of the truth” will save time wasted searching for information.

All case information is electronically organized by the corresponding matter within LEAP. This allows each file to be searchable by matter. Type in any phrase related to the matter in the search bar and our software will quickly be able to locate the needed file. LEAP has a high-caliber search engine that detects the most vague or complex phrases.

Additionally, all changes made to documents and any previous versions will be saved in LEAP. You will be able to readily access all documents ever created along with their drafts in one central location. This will eliminate hours spent looking for that redlined document as well as any chaos over which version is the most recent. All changes made are date and time stamped, ensuring version control. Users of LEAP will be able to track their trail of changes and locate all final copies and drafts of the document.

With all legal documents saved as well as all their drafts, the number of files can be enormous. LEAP has your back; our software never requires extra storage and there is no need for data backup costs since unlimited secure storage is provided.

Improved organization with LEAP results in a more efficient practice. Since all client files are organized by the relevant matter in one system and are easily searchable by matter, practices can easily find the information they need. LEAP helps law firms respond to their clients in a timely manner, which in turn leads to increased efficiency and profitability.

View all the features of LEAP and learn how to become more organized.


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