Move Beyond Your Simple Legal Billing System

Larry S. Raiken, Esq. is a sole practitioner of a full-service law firm, specializing in Real Estate, Divorce & Custody, Wills, and Municipal Court. After years of practicing, Larry sought to rid his practice of antiquated billing software and adapt to the integrative practice management system of LEAP. Before LEAP, Raiken would have to jump from screen to screen before his project was completed. He used four different programs, including a separate time recording and billing system. Now with LEAP, Raiken has his billing, trust accounting, automated forms, and time recording in one central location.

Raiken took the challenge of switching from an outdated billing system to a comprehensive practice management software. The transition according to Raiken was “beyond all comparison” with the hands-on and thorough implementation process and the follow-up customer service. A legal practice management consultant visited his law office to guide him through the process of installation and training. While he does not consider himself the most technologically-inclined person, Raiken felt confident using LEAP after the in-person consultant discussed each feature of LEAP in-detail.

After the installation and initial training, Raiken was provided with several tools to enhance his knowledge of LEAP. For instance, the LEAP Community is an online portal resource in which one can easily find knowledge articles, the LEAP Forms Blog, and training webinars. The knowledge articles provide users on tips on how to use LEAP to its full potential. The training webinars also help the users improve the way their use of the wide range of features within LEAP.

Whenever Raiken had any questions or concerns and needed direct communication he called the LEAP Help Desk or easily requested a chat via the Chat Now feature in the LEAP community. He commented “it wasn’t a situation in which I had to wait an hour or more to receive a response. LEAP does not just sell you the product, but seeks to stay with you until you finish your case successfully.”


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