Automated New Hampshire Family Law Forms to Save Time

New Hampshire attorneys have unique challenges and needs that are different from those of attorneys practicing in New Jersey, New York, or Massachusetts. When you implement a practice management system that is sold across the country, it often won’t be tailored to the specific needs of New Hampshire attorneys.

Generating forms for a family law practice is time-consuming, as attorneys know. Copying and pasting case and client information into multiple forms also creates the potential for errors. The advantage of a practice management system tailored to a particular state is the inclusion of an entire library of state-specific forms. With a forms and templates library tailored to New Hampshire and your practice area, you can eliminate the need to manually insert data into the forms you regularly use.

New Hampshire Specific Forms and Templates

In New Hampshire, all parties with minor children who are getting divorced or have filed or responded to a parenting petition are required to attend a child impact seminar. Clients often request exceptions from attendance or motions related to the Child Impact Program. Automatically populating this form from existing client and case information in your system will save you time. Most practice management systems that are a one size fits all solution for the entire country will not provide these state-specific forms in their library. You will be forced to edit a generic form to meet your needs. It’s vital to select a practice management system that is tailored to the needs of New Hampshire law firms.

Instead, you can automatically populate the New Hampshire Family Law forms you regularly use with client and case information directly from the electronic matter. Free up time for the work that is important for your practice.

Found Time is Found Money

Small firm attorneys are expected to practice law to the best of their ability while also being office managers, bookkeepers, paralegals, marketers, and more. When you’re able to automate the form creation process, you can dedicate your time to another area of your practice. For example, you can spend more time growing your law firm through marketing and networking. You could even go home early or take that vacation you deserve.

You could also spend more time on billable work for their cases. If you’re able to bill an extra hour per month, you have already paid for the new practice management system you have implemented. Any additional billable time beyond that is extra money directly in your pocket. It’s a great way to improve your cash flow without making any other significant business changes or hiring additional staff. Many all-in-one practice management systems you go with will also include billing or online payment capabilities. With these features, you can improve your cash flow even further with minimal effort on your part.

Forms Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

There’s no question that automating forms will save you time and money in the operation of your practice. But being able to access those forms, and the rest of your data, from anywhere, can transform your business.

Imagine you pull into the parking lot at the courthouse and realize you’ve forgotten an important document that you created on your desktop computer yesterday. When your practice management system is on the cloud, you can access that document from your laptop, cell phone, or tablet from your car or while walking up the courthouse steps. You no longer have to call your secretary or paralegal to ask them to print out the document and run it over to the courthouse. You can simply view it on your phone and get the information you need.

When you make the switch to LEAP, you can automate the forms you regularly use in your New Hampshire family law practice. In your LEAP matter, enter the information for your client and case one time. Now, you can create forms with a single click, and all the data you previously entered will be automatically populated into the form. Learn more about automated forms and view the entire library of New Hampshire specific legal forms available. When you’re ready, you can see a personalized obligation-free demonstration of LEAP.


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