Automate your Legal Forms with Family Law Software

The technology family law attorneys use every day in their law firms must make their jobs easier and help them make more money. There are many legal software companies, so it can be challenging to determine which ones to use for your practice. Many attorneys, especially those that have been practicing for a long time, are comfortable in their processes. They are often surprised to discover that they can make their firms more efficient by using family law software that’s tailored specifically for them. While the large software companies may make a useful product, small firms need to go with a family law software company that’s locally-based. It should also provide a solution that includes content specific to their area of law.

One of the most effective ways of becoming more efficient in a small law firm is by automating specific administrative processes and non-billable work. When your practice management software can automate the forms you use every day, you’re free to take on more billable work and make more money.

Automated Massachusetts Family Law Forms

Family law attorneys in Massachusetts can save time and money by automating their Child Support Guidelines Worksheets. These forms are used often by family law attorneys in Massachusetts and can take a large part of the day to complete. In LEAP, for example, the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet is quickly filled out with a series of fool-proof data entry prompts all gathered into one convenient location. As the data is entered, LEAP performs calculations automatically and inserts the data into the proper place in the worksheet.

Also, LEAP includes the other forms that Massachusetts family law attorneys use daily, including Rule 401 forms, Certificate of Absolute Divorce or Annulment and Joint Petition for Divorce.

Automated New York Family Law Forms

New York family law attorneys can save time and money by automating their Statement of Net Worth. The Statement of Net Worth is a part of every contested divorce action in New York. Attorneys spend large amounts of non-billable time working on this document for their New York divorce cases. Most of this time is spent copying and pasting data from your client’s file to the Statement of Net Worth. New technology allows you to automate this process, thereby saving time and eliminating the risk of costly typographical errors.

LEAP family law software features a convenient set of tables that can easily be filled in with the client’s income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Once all these tables are filled in, they will be automatically populated into the Statement of Net Worth once you open it. If you need to update any information, you can simply navigate back to the tables, change the field, and update the document.

Automated New Jersey Family Law Forms

The most crucial document in New Jersey divorce cases is the Case Information Statement (CIS). Family law attorneys in New Jersey know how essential the CIS is for obtaining the necessary information to advocate on behalf of their client in a divorce matter. It’s also a tedious and time-consuming form that can take a significant amount of non-billable time for an attorney to complete. Rather than performing complicated financial calculations, you can now automate the document to save time and get back to practicing law.

The CIS program within LEAP simply requires you to input the financial information and let the program do the rest. LEAP’s CIS program will perform all the calculations and produce the necessary forms. Additionally, the plaintiff, defendant, court, children, employer, attorney, and insurance details from the LEAP matter will be automatically inserted into the CIS program and populated in the generated document.

Family law attorneys in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey can take steps to reduce their time spent on creating documents. With LEAP, they can automate the forms they use regularly and populate them with information from their LEAP matters. Massachusetts attorneys can automate their Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, New York attorneys can automate their Statement of Net Worth, and New Jersey attorneys can automate their Case Information Statement. LEAP family law software allows attorneys to spend less time on non-billable administrative tasks. Instead, they can spend more time on billable work and make more money. Learn more about how you can save time when you make the switch to LEAP.

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