Law Firm Cloud Accounting Software for an Economical Solution

LEAP has been designed to enable small law firms to use QuickBooks for all back-office transactions, general ledger, and payroll purposes. QuickBooks is a cloud accounting software solution and has hundreds of thousands of users.

By doing this, LEAP can concentrate all its development resources on creating great legal matter specific software and leave the non-legal accounting solutions to a specialist software product.

An analogy is that we can write our own word processor; however, it does not make sense to do so when there is a specialist provider.

That is why we integrate with Microsoft Word. The cost structure of small law firms is changing. It is increasingly hard to make a profit and rationalizing costs is crucial.

Non-fee earning staff are expensive. By combining LEAP with QuickBooks you can minimize the cost of these services. You and your staff easily do all matter accounting and billing; you only need outside resources to look after reconciliations and your general ledger and payroll. With cloud software, this can be done remotely, so you don’t even have to go to the expense of providing office space and equipment.

1.) Confidentiality is easily maintained

Because only you and your external bookkeeper need to access your general ledger, your legal staff can get on with doing all the legal work of the firm, without having to be concerned about confidentiality issues.

2.) Ease of access

As a cloud product, you can access QuickBooks from any browser or mobile phone.

3.) Ease of use

QuickBooks is a modern system that is extremely easy-to-use.

4.) Widely used and known system

There are thousands of people who know how QuickBooks works. This means that economical resources are always available to help and you don’t get locked in because of a specialist proprietary system that is not widely used.

5.) Reduce external accounting costs

It is incredibly easy for your external accountants to access and check your data. This will significantly reduce your external accounting costs.

How does the integration work?

LEAP and QuickBooks work together seamlessly. LEAP is just one of hundreds of products that link with QuickBooks.

The link between LEAP and QuickBooks operates in the cloud and consists of a number of journals that are created in LEAP and exported to QuickBooks. There is an audit trail of every transaction and you can quickly and easily check to ensure that all journal entries have been made.

QuickBooks account codes are set up when LEAP is installed and after that, the combined products do not create any extra work at all.


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