7 Ways Lawyers can Save Time and Money with a Mobile App

If there are two things everyone needs, it’s more time and more money. Attorneys, especially, are always looking for ways to save time and make more money in their firms. Perhaps one of the most effective ways of gaining precious hours and improving cash flow is to invest in practice management software that includes a mobile app. Practice management software in the office can significantly improve the operations of a law firm. But having that software on your phone or tablet takes things to the next level. Discover all the ways a mobile app for your law firm will save time and money.

1. Time Recording Anytime and Anywhere

Time recording is a necessary evil for attorneys. On the one hand, it’s a pain, and it’s not easy to remember to record time for everything you do. On the other hand, it’s how you get paid unless you collect a flat fee or retainer. When you work from a mobile device outside of the office, time spent sending emails, making calls, or editing documents can get forgotten and not recorded. It’s essential to have a time recording feature in your practice management mobile app so you can collect the money you’re entitled to.

LEAP’s time recording feature is available on every screen of the mobile app. No matter what you’re doing, you can start a timer and create a time entry. You can also choose to create a time entry when you draft an email or make a call to a client. The video below shows the simple time recording process for making a phone call.

The days of writing your time entries in a notebook where they can be easily forgotten are over. Now you can capture your time with a single tap on your phone and save the entry right back to your matter. With the free time you gain from eliminating manual timekeeping, you can take on more clients and perform more billable work. You can also make more money because you’ll never miss another minute of billable time.

2. Documents in the Palm of Your Hand

One of the pain points for the attorney who practices on-the-go is that they often have to go back to the office to print documents. When your practice management software is accessible on the cloud, you can see all the forms and documents associated with your matter on your cell phone or tablet. You can access all your letters, retainer agreements, forms, financial statements, and more in LEAP.

Rather than traveling back to the office to print the documents you need for a meeting, you can simply pull them up on your mobile device. You’ll save time on travel and save money that is typically spent on traveling and printing costs.

3. Collaborate on Documents No Matter Where You Are

Beyond just accessing your documents on-the-go, you can transform your legal practice by editing your documents from any device. LEAP integrates with Microsoft Office to let you edit your letters and documents. If you have the mobile version of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, you can edit them right from your cell phone or tablet.

The best part is that each edit you make is instantly synced to the cloud and these documents are accessible back at your office. Support staff or other attorneys will immediately have the latest version of the file available on their desktop device. There are notes on each piece of correspondence in your matter, showing you when the document was created and which co-worker created it. This is also visible in the mobile app.

Better collaboration naturally leads to saved time and money. Instant syncing of documents between LEAP on desktop and LEAP on mobile allows you to get tedious work done faster. When you can get back to practicing law, you can get back to billing more time.

4. Scan documents using the camera on your phone

Even if you try to maintain a paperless law office, you will undoubtedly receive paper documents from opposing counsel, clients, and others. Rather than letting all this paper bog you down, you can simply scan them into your practice management software. With LEAP, you can take a photo using your cell phone’s camera and save the document to the correct matter. LEAP will automatically convert the image to a PDF. Multipage documents are easy to manage. You can simply take multiple photos, and LEAP will combine them into one document for you. Watch the video below and discover how simple scanning documents with your phone can be.

5. Securely share documents on your phone via LawConnect

Sending sensitive documents as email attachments to your clients can be risky. If a hacker were to gain access to your inbox, they would have access to all the attachments you’ve sent. With LawConnect, you’re able to send your files through a secure document portal that protects confidential data. When you share a file with LawConnect, your client receives an email with a link to the portal. From here, they can either sign in or create an account. Documents are not immediately accessible by email, so you get an extra layer of protection on all your correspondence.

Sending a file as an email attachment comes with risks. It goes into your client’s email platform, and it can be impossible to track whether it has been compromised or shared with others. You’ll be able to grant or revoke access to any document at any time with LawConnect. When you allow access to a file, your client will have access to it immediately. When you revoke access to a file, your client will lose access to it instantly. This feature is useful when you accidentally share a document with the wrong client. You will no longer have to send an embarrassing email asking them not to open it. You can simply revoke permissions before the file is accessed.

6. Create voice memos and save them to your matter

If you need to make a quick note about a case or a client, you can use the voice memo feature in the LEAP Mobile App. From the matter screen, tap the “New Voice Memo” option, and you can begin recording a message on your phone. When you choose to stop recording, you will be allowed to Save or Discard the voice memo. If you save it, it will automatically be available with the rest of the correspondence for the matter. Your staff back at the office or on their own mobile devices can listen to the voice message and respond or take the appropriate action. This feature is a great way to remember key details about a case. Voice memos on LEAP eliminate several steps, including taking notes by hand and having to key them into your computer or case management software.

7. Access Support Resources on Your Phone

From anywhere in the LEAP Mobile App, you can access the Help & Support option from the drop-down menu. On this screen, you can view the legal and privacy policies, give feedback, and rate the app in the App Store. Best of all, you can visit the Support Community. LEAP Community is your one-stop destination for everything you need to know about LEAP.

You’ll be able to find the latest product updates and announcements, helpful training videos and webinars, help articles, and much more. You can also communicate with other LEAP users with the Ask the Community feature. Your question or issue may have already been answered so check here to see if you can find an answer. Finally, you can get in touch with the LEAP HelpDesk with its live chat and ticket submission options. No matter what device you’re working on, you will be able to access the support resources available to LEAP users.

Making your practice mobile will provide an incredible benefit to your firm in many different ways. By switching to the LEAP Mobile App, you’ll be able to time record anywhere. You will be able to access your documents in the palm of your hand, collaborate and securely send those documents, and scan documents using your phone. You can also create voice memos and access all the support resources you need on-the-go. When you make the switch from a strictly on-premise solution to LEAP, you get access to the LEAP Mobile App at no additional charge. Discover more about the LEAP Mobile App or contact us to schedule an obligation-free demonstration today.

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